“The globalization of the world financial industry, demands that it is no longer sufficient to confine oneself to, “thinking inside the box” of what one learned as a youth.” -Jehu Hand

-Jehu Hand has 29 years of fighting for clients and assisting them.
-A Top US securities lawyer specializing in micro-cap companies and reverse mergers.
-For more then a decade Jehu Hand has been an EDGAR filing agent.
-More than 100 Public Stock offering have utilized Jehu Hand’s expertize either for the issuer or the underwriter.
- Jehu Hand continues to stay on top of policy and procedure changes to accounting especially with the way the Sarbanes-Oxley act has changed the way U.S. Reporting companies do their jobs.
-Jehu Hand has developed a specialty in UCC Article 8 on top of his normal practice. Article 8 is the forgotten article of the UCC. The core of Article 8 is that once a company issues a security (such as a share of common stock) that security is valid and cannot be cancelled, nor can the company place a stop transfer on the certificate. The only person who can cause a stop transfer is someone who has the right to make an adverse claim–that is, the owner of record. (If you believe a stop has been wrongfully been put on your shares by the issuer please contact Jehu Hand for a consultation.)

Through Additional training outside of the United States, Jehu Hand’s practice is now able to embrace multinational facets unavailable to his peers

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